21 thoughts on “May Lilacs”

      1. Or maybe it was a bunch of little old ladies having a tea party behind the hedge? Don’t they all smell like lilacs too? But yes, the lilacs just make you want to put your nose right into the bunch of flowers.

  1. I guess I’m old fashioned, cause these are my very favorite spring flowers. Our neighbors’ have already bloomed and are fading, but my personal lilac bush has lots of buds that have not bloomed yet. Guess they’re coming right on time. I can’t wait. I usually cut a bunch and put them in a vase for indoors, because you can smell them in the entire house.

    1. I must be as well, because I love them. I used to live in a house that had many well-established bushes all around, and the scent on a warm day was just so wonderful. I agree – cutting a bunch for the house is lovely; all that spring scent inside. 🙂

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