Chickadee Cuteness

I find chickadees endlessly watchable. They are so cute, friendly and smart, and are marvels of northern survival and adaptation. How these delicate-looking little birds manage to survive in -40C (-40F) is amazing, but it starts with their winter planning and storage efforts and their ability to find protected and suitable shelter.

Happy Friday, happy weekend.

16 thoughts on “Chickadee Cuteness”

  1. Chickadees are the best. This one is all puffed up, like he is cold. When they land on your hand, they are light as a feather. Happy Friday Lynette. Allan

    1. I agree, Allan. So cute and adorable. There’s not much to them but they have amazing endurance and weather tolerance. When I see one flitting around in -40, I don’t know how they manage through the cold and the ravens.

  2. Tiny but strong and cheeky and resilient — and with all that, totally adorable. As a small child in the Laurentians in wintertime, I loved the chickadees and blue jays because (as I remember it now, anyway) they were our only wintertime birds. I love that I still have them, here in the west.

    1. Yes, cheeky and resilient are words that apply very well to these tough, sweet little birds. I always wonder at how they manage to survive up here in this demanding winter environment. They defy the cold and the ravenous ravens and continue on.

    1. Agreed; they certainly are. I’m amazed by them, too. I used to see them overwintering in southern Alberta where it can drop to -40 for short periods in January and maybe February, but I was shocked to find them overwintering in the Territories. They are definitely little toughies.

  3. When I see a chickadee, it reminds me of an old Mae West/W.C. Fields movie titled MY LITTLE CHICKADEE. Mae may have been as sexy as a sandpiper, but she wasn’t as cute as a chickadee!

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