Snow Geese

A huge flock of snow geese passed through …

… on their way from the southern U.S. states and Mexico to their breeding grounds in the Arctic. I don’t know how many individuals were in this gigantic flock, but there were a lot of them. When congregating to breed, they sometimes number in the millions!

Happy Thursday.

22 thoughts on “Snow Geese”

  1. An awesome sight. We have seen large flocks around Garry Point near Steveston, but this one takes the cake. They do stop over here, but we have never been out to the lake nearby to see it. Thanks for sharing Lynette. Allan

    1. This is the first time I’ve seen these enormous numbers. I initially couldn’t believe my eyes! For a second I thought we had snow (unbelievably since it’s so warm), but then they were startled and began flying so I scrambled my cell out to get a picture. I haven’t seen the ones near Steveston, and that may be a retirement stop!

  2. Whoa! Dat’s a lotta geese! Did you take that photo? I wouldn’t want to be walking my dog around that area after they leave. 😏

    1. Yes, from a distance with my cell. It was unbelievable, Lori. I have never before seen that many birds. Once they were airborne, they circled and headed north. They blanketed the sky with their numbers! They were actually out on the lake near the shore, so most of their droppings would be in the water.

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