22 thoughts on “Bear Cub”

  1. And you were safe inside the truck, right? The cub is a cutie. Mom’s and cubs scare me, especially if I am between them. Happy Monday.

    1. Thanks, Allan. Oh yes, this photo occurred from the safety of the truck. She (or he) was well camouflaged; I at first didn’t see her. We saw the mom foraging on the side of the road and stopped to take pictures, and the elder I was driving with saw the little cub, but we never left the vehicle.

  2. I love how mother black bears park their babies at some absurd height in a tree. They seem to have total faith that dangling 20 feet above the ground is safer than being on it!

    1. That’s so true. This little one was quite far up there hanging on for dear life while his mom poked around underneath the tree. The cub was also quite hard to spot, so he (or she) was out of reach and well camouflaged!

        1. Even the little ones have to come into the world well-equipped to defend themselves. I visited a cub sanctuary years ago where there were very, very little ones. The volunteers were cradling them, but their feet were wrapped up! The cubs were so happy to be warm and fed and comfortable and quickly fell asleep.

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