Early Spring Ducks

When I was in the Okanagan Valley earlier this month, the ducks were very active after what had been for them a cold winter. This duck pair had separated themselves from the larger group and were probably looking for a good nesting spot.

In areas, the grass was still a washed out winter colour.

Most of the other ducks congregated in noisy communal happiness, enjoying the warmer weather and greater abundance of food.

Happy Thursday.

10 thoughts on “Early Spring Ducks”

  1. Things were hopping around the lake here yesterday Lynette. Ducks, coots, grebes, etc. have all come back and it is just one giant nursery in waiting. Happy Thursday. Allan

    1. Yes, they sure are. This group is part of a larger flock that lives year-round near a creek that flows through one of the city’s parks. Everyone makes a fuss of them and the city feeds them when it’s cold out. They are a very beloved and pampered duck flock!

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