17 thoughts on “Northern Robin”

    1. North American robins are members of the thrush family and have a wonderful song that I look forward to hearing in the spring. The European robin is from the flycatcher family and also has a lovely song, but more high pitched than the N. American robin, I think. They also have similar diets and given their colouring, you would think they are related, but their sizes and body shapes are very different. They’re both such pretty birds.

  1. I always enjoy seeing the robins back. Trouble is the dang crows have pushed them all out of our yard. Have a great Saturday Lynette. Allan

    1. Sorry to hear about the crows! We have lots of ravens here, but they usually disappear in the spring when the snow starts to melt. Crows seem to be almost ubiquitous and they certainly terrorize the smaller birds. I have heard that anything shiny, like old cds or silver reflective tape will deter them. They don’t like wind chimes, either. My mother used to keep them out of her vegetable garden with those. Cheers.

    1. The snow has melted very quickly, but in places where it was piled up, we still have a lot. Our temperatures are consistently above zero now though, so the piles shouldn’t last too much longer. Cheers.

    1. This is an early arrival, probably because we warmed up so quickly. Most of the snow is gone; all that’s left are huge piles from the ploughs. This is the only robin I’ve seen, though.

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