Okanagan Sunflowers

The Okanagan sunflower is prolific in the Thompson-Okanagan and in the spring can cover entire mountainsides with its pretty blooms.

The Okanagan sunflower lives mostly in the Thompson-Okanagan, but can be found in Washington State as well.

In spite of the name, it’s a member of the aster family and looks like a yellow daisy. It also doesn’t grow singly as sunflowers do but in clumps or clusters and it prefers very dry conditions. They are so bright and cheery and symbolic of warmth and good weather!

They love to bloom in conifer forest clearings.

Also known as the arrowleaf balsamroot, it is completely edible. Many animals and birds rely on it and indigenous peoples ate the leaves either cooked or raw and used the taproots to make flour. It has the additional advantage of containing many immune-boosting properties, so the Okanagan sunflower is not just a pretty face!

Happy Friday.

20 thoughts on “Okanagan Sunflowers”

  1. I was going to comment about an early in the year flowering sunflower but then you cleared that up. Unique Daisy-like Aster but since most Asters are later to flower unusual. and lovely to see, Lynette.

    1. Isn’t it great? They are really impressive as they all seem to bloom at the same time, just covering fields and hills with bright yellow. They don’t last long though, so they have to be appreciated in the moment.

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