12 thoughts on “Duck Creek”

  1. Looks like the ducks are much choosier than the Canada Geese. Ducks like warmer areas with open water, while geese are happy to wait, as long as they get a good nesting sight. They are kind of like anxious travelers who arrive at the airport too early. Happy Sunday Lynette. Allan

    1. I like that description! They are so like that. This little “duck” section of creek is about 15 metres from where it widens out and empties into Okanagan Lake. The ducks love this spot and the embankment next to it and are there year-round, clearly settled in their busy little community. I’ve seen goose couples try to take up positions near the ducks (either further up or down the creek from them) but they never last. Thanks Allan.

    1. They live year-round at this particular location. The creek always has some open water and the city feeds this little community if the ground becomes snow-covered (as it did in December). I love to stop and watch them when I’m out walking. They’re so busy and cute.

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