Daffodils and Birds

In Penticton, spring is a-flutter and a-bloom. The ducks are happily pairing off, the Canada geese couples are arriving and the spring bulbs are blooming.

Daffodils, otherwise known as narcissi, are such an enticing spring yellow.

A goose couple eyes us suspiciously from the water. They can be very aggressive and loud, but if one is cautious and slow, they won’t shout at you too badly.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to enjoy more of Penticton’s spring until I return five weeks from now.

Happy Friday.

16 thoughts on “Daffodils and Birds”

  1. Now pretty much snow free here. I expect our fist flower will also be yellow, the ubiquitous dandelion. Lots of geese here nesting in weird places and waiting for the ice to come off the ponds. Happy Friday Lynette. Allan

    1. I haven’t seen any dandelions at all, now that I think about it. I remember them as the first Alberta flower when I lived in Medicine Hat. The little mini- daffodils were up in the city parks beds. Little clumps of them everywhere. We don’t have a lot of geese yet but they’re arriving every day.

  2. The spring is such a wonderful time of the year when everything is bursting with life and colour. I planted some daffodils in our garden last fall and they are just starting to bloom. It’s too bad that you have to leave Penticton, but at least you’ll be back soon!

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