Duck Update

The Penticton mallard duck flock has weathered the winter in good knick and are getting ready to start nesting.

In December, the duck flock was huddled together for warmth and were not only waiting for dinner, but also for this wet snowfall to melt. They are fed during December and January.
Still hanging out in their favourite spot near the creek, but in much better weather this time.

The males’ heads have turned a brilliant green, indicating that they are ready to mate. Soon there will be lots of little ones around.

Happy Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Duck Update”

    1. They love this particular spot near where the creek empties into Okanagan Lake and are either in the water or snoozing on the bank. Nothing seems to bother them including dogs or people. It’s too bad that I’m probably going to miss the little ones but I am back at the end of May, so I might see some young waddlers.

  1. That is a lot of ducks for sure. Mostly just geese back here so far, but ducks, coots and grebes should be on their way. Happy spring Lynette. Allan

    1. Yes, there are quite a few goose pairs now. I didn’t see any in my first few days back but in the last 3 or 4 I have seen lots of them strutting about and looking down on the rest of us. I’ve seen a few coots as well. Yes, it’s spring, Allan! So great.

  2. Despite many considering mallards mundane subjects for photography I have always thought them to be beautiful. Hope you did have a happy Wednesday, Lynette.

  3. I love the good-news follow-through! Also the snippet that the male’s head turns more intensely coloured in time for mating. Well… natch. (Just like dogwood branches turning so intensely purple-red?)

    1. They have to call some attention to themselves! It’s amazing how intensely (almost neon) green their heads are when the sun is shining on them. Yes, I was happy to see that they had come through the winter. It was a particularly tough one for this area; the city feeds them when that happens as this flock doesn’t migrate. Cheers.

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