Mount Robson Provincial Park

Mount Robson Provincial Park is in British Columbia just west of Jasper National Park. It is the most prominent peak of the Rocky Mountains and is completely surrounded by park lands.

The entrance to Mount Robson, also known as Cloud Cap Mountain. On our recent drive, the mountain was wearing its cap.

When we drive from Northwest Territories to Penticton, we often stop at Mount Robson to stretch our legs although we have never stayed there. The walking/hiking is amazing.

Happy Tuesday.

16 thoughts on “Mount Robson Provincial Park”

  1. We always play a game when we drive through this area. It is called will Robson show its face today. Often as not, the answer is No. but we still like to play. Happy Tuesday Lynette. Allan

    1. I have a couple of older photos from 5-6 years ago showing a clear Mount Robson, but I don’t think I’ve seen it completely clear since then. Last time through it was definitely wearing its cap!

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