17 thoughts on “Overcast Okanagan Lake”

    1. Are you getting snow showers? You have my sympathies if so. Here they are definitely wet as we are well above 0. I’m enjoying every scrap of this break as I’m going back north at the end of next week. It’s melting there now but that’s a lot of melt and the weather will keep alternating with snow until the middle of May. Cheers.

      1. Today is all blue sky and hot. Up to plus 16 and snow is disappearing fast. It was actually too hot out on the deck at times, as my bubble is still up. Hope the North melt happens soon. Cheers. Allan

  1. So far our March was the wet month and April has been relatively dry. Hopefully that’ll change in time to hurry the flowers along. Is that some sort of warning buoy out there?

  2. Yes, that’s a buoy indicating that the entrance to the yacht club is nearby. For the last six years, I have worked in the north and my experience of spring in the south has been limited, so to me, above freezing and sunny are excellent! My home in the Okanagan is known for its semi-arid desert microclimate where wine grapes, tree fruits and veggies love to grow. Cheers.

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