Ducky Days

I saw this duck pair from a bridge above a creek near my home in Penticton.

There are many ducks down by the lake, but these two had separated themselves and were clearly bonded.

The male stood guard while the female looked for food.

When I passed by today they were still there in the same spot, this time taking a little nap. Something woke the female and I wasn’t able to get her in the picture, but the male continued his shuteye.

Not long from now, there will probably be some little hatchlings along this section of creek, but by then I will be back in the north and won’t be able to watch their progress. I hope they have a successful little brood.

Happy Thursday.

21 thoughts on “Ducky Days”

  1. Ducks are still not back here yet, but the geese are making hard water landings. So funny to see them look at each other as if to say…I told you we would be too early. Happy Thursday Lynette. Allan

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 I love to watch them; it’s somehow very relaxing. Your ducks and the rest of the geese will be back soon. Everything seems to be warming up now.

      On another note, I’m wondering if I’m missing your posts, Allan. I haven’t seen one of yours yesterday or today (or maybe you didn’t post). Cheers.

      1. The main site Picture This (excerpt post) is the best way to keep up. Due to WordPress limited media storage on their free sites, the full post sites keep jumping around. My last post on PhotoDrop3 mentioned this at the bottom.

        Here is the link for Picture This

        Here is the link for PhotoDrop4
        Thanks for asking and apologies for my thriftiness.


        1. Hi Allan, thank you very much and no apologies needed. 🙂 I did see that on your last Photodrop 3 post but thought there would be more from there before you switched.

          This is weird, but the links you provided above go directly to my own site. I will see what I can do to fix this. Cheers.

          1. That is odd. I have heard some people commenting that JetPack has been causing issues if you have installed it. I have not and all my links take me where they should. Hope you can sort this out.

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