Mountain Approach

We had beautiful weather for our recent drive through Jasper National Park.

There were exceptional views from quite a distance because of the clear day.

As we got closer it was very evident that spring had started. There was a lot of snow at higher elevations but below there was only a bit here and there.

The snowy peaks against the blue sky were breathtaking.

It was delightful to leave the very snowy and still relatively cold north to enjoy a bit of southern spring, especially in such a gorgeous area and in such beautiful weather.

Happy Tuesday.

21 thoughts on “Mountain Approach”

    1. This mountain is part of the Rockies and much farther south (I work in the subarctic) so the winter season is over now (there’s snow on the peaks, but they’re mountains 😉). You could always visit any time from now to the end of October; June and September are gorgeous months.

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