Northern Robin

I haven’t seen many robins north of 60° north latitude, but here’s one that is either very early or may have overwintered.

Amazingly, some do, relying on berries to survive as robins are not seed eaters. In summer, they eat bugs and worms, but those aren’t much available in most winter climates. They will also eat suet, so if you have a suet feeder in your yard, you might attract an early or overwintering robin.

Happy Saturday; happy weekend.

16 thoughts on “Northern Robin”

  1. Beautiful, and clearly hardy enough. Most of our British robins (which of course aren’t related) don’t migrate, but they will drop their strict opposition to rival robins during the winter.

    1. They are a lot hardier than they look, it seems. I was surprised to see this one so far north as it’s still quite chilly in the subarctic. -14C (7F) was the temperature this morning, so I hope he’s finding lots to eat!

  2. That is amazing Lynette. We still have not seen or heard one here. Talk about the early bird. Hope he likes his worms frozen. Happy Saturday. Allan

    1. Thank you very much. He does look well fed, but he’s in a very northern location quite early which is concerning. However he must be successfully finding food because he looks to be in good nick.

    1. He definitely looks fine, but he really is in dangerous territory for a robin at this time of year. No worms or bugs for him to eat yet but he’s clearly finding something. And then there are the ravens who might find him interesting! I admire ravens but also dislike them …

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