It’s Blue!

We have intensely blue, very sky-blue skies right now. And if you like Ella Fitzgerald, here’s her rendition of a great blue skies song.

We are heading for spring, even here in the subarctic! Happy Wednesday and I hope you are experiencing blue skies, no matter the weather.

18 thoughts on “It’s Blue!”

  1. We’ve had both blue skies and gray skies here. I like the mix. Yesterday, bright sun. Today, gray.

    BTW, great capture of that cobalt blue.

    1. Thank you very much, Lori. That blue sky is one of the north’s signatures. We’re closer to the top of the world and light doesn’t have to travel as far. I also think that the air is cleaner, so that may have some effect, too. We have been very fortunate to have a run of these sunny days – so great after a dark and overcast winter!

    1. I agree. After all that snow, sun is so fantastic! Our days are stretching out rapidly, of course. We’re now at 12.5 hours of daylight and we will be up to 22 hours of daylight by June. Daylight Saving is rather meaningless up here!

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