Roof Glacier Update 3

Relatively speaking, my roof glacier is almost gone.

March 20

On February 16, it still had some drama going on.

Now it is just a pale version of itself and soon the sun will have its way and melt it completely. Nature’s plans are difficult to avert.

I don’t mind saying goodbye to this roof glacier even though it’s likely to be the last one I will experience. The south beckons and I will be permanently leaving in seven months’ time.

I’m much more interested in that blue sky and what it promises.

14 thoughts on “Roof Glacier Update 3”

    1. Agreed. Or high today is -6, but standing in the sun is very pleasant. It’s definitely delivering some heat units. Allan, you are completely right about the good weather in seven months, no matter what it’s doing outside!

    1. Agreed. There’s no question of that. But I’m also beginning to find the strong winters difficult to cope with. I used to just take them in stride, but now it’s not so easy. The cold in particular affects me quite a lot. Cheers.

  1. It’s crazy how quickly your roof glacier has melted. I love all the little icicles dangling from the edge. I’m sure it’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that this is your last winter that you have to spend up north.

    1. Agreed – it has melted at light speed! The sun is shining directly on it for most of the day, so it’s really exposed. It definitely bittersweet. I have enjoyed my time in the north, but the cold is starting to get to me now. I always used to take it in stride, but now it has become much more difficult. All things have their time. I guess.

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