12 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Season Near You …”

    1. Spring is very close and I’m looking forward to some leave in two weeks when I’ll go home (a lot further south) to enjoy it (real spring won’t arrive above the 60th parallel until late May). The summer picture felt like a good one as I remember what a great day that was last July; it is my favourite month. Cheers.

  1. Ah yes, summer. I remember that. I was in tropical Asia last week so my perceptions of seasons are a bit confused, but it appears to be approaching spring in England. Summer will find you eventually! 🙂

    1. Spring has already sprung in southern BC but of course it’s much later here in the subarctic. I’m taking some leave in two weeks time to go home for a spring breather, though and soon summer will be here! Cheers, Adele. 🙂

  2. Tomorrow at precisely 8:57 AM, it will be like a switch was flipped. The white will disappear, the green will replace it, birds will sing and the warmth will carress us all. Ooops, that was a dream I had last night. Looking forward to spring. Have a great Sunday Lynette. Allan

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 Yes, definitely, but NWT won’t see it until late May at the earliest. M says that in Penticton the trees are sprouting and the daffodils are out. I’m looking forward to some nice spring weather when I take leave in two weeks. Then it’s the last push through the remainder of this northern winter! Thanks, Allan.

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