It’s Green Day

I’m not Irish, but I appreciate greenery. A lot. And especially if it indicates spring (or summer!). So herewith is a selection of green photos to help you channel your inner leprechaun. 🍀

British Columbia rain forest.
Okanagan Valley wine grape vines.
Ground cover from a friend’s garden.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Have fun being green. 🙂

19 thoughts on “It’s Green Day”

    1. Thank you. It takes patience, but when I was a child I found them in clover fields if I looked carefully enough. This one was cultivated; an entire potted plant of four-leaf clovers was a gift. This is a very common practice is Germany at New Year’s (I used to live there.) Cheers.

  1. I’m delighted not to have an inner leprechaun, but liked the photos very much. And I too like a bit of Green Day – but can’t imagine sleeping through September.

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