Tree Hands

The snow is starting to disappear from these needles.

I am sure however that winter isn’t finished with us yet. It will try to re-assert itself and will snow, huff, blow, and swirl, but its efforts will dwindle until … spring!

Happy mid-week.

14 thoughts on “Tree Hands”

  1. A great way to capture some moisture in winter. When I went out to clear the walks yesterday AM, it felt more like January, but the sun has power, so fingers crossed for the coming spring. Happy Wednesday Lynette. Allan

    1. It’s amazing what nature does to ensure food and water. The adaptations are so ingenious. So far, we have escaped further snow dumpings and yesterday as I walked home from work, it was very pleasant in the sun, but yes, the shade felt like January. -10 today! I know I’m excited for a temperature that many would consider really cold, but it’s so much better than -30.

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