Roof Glacier

There’s a lot of snow on our roof, and it’s beginning to get soft, melty and slidey.

Right now it’s up there solidly, but it either will come down with a thunk or will simply melt away.

I predict that this particular roof glacier will fall rather than melt, but we’ll see. The snowy awning over the door has been trimmed back, eliminating any danger of a sudden snow dump while exiting the house, so it’s fun to watch the progression of the rest of it.

Happy Tuesday.

18 thoughts on “Roof Glacier”

  1. A white tsunami just waiting to strike the unsuspecting. I raked my roof this year on the North side to avoid problems. The winds always seem to pile snow up there. Have a great Tuesday Lynette. Allan

    1. Very true, but no one goes down that side of the house at this time of year except the squirrels and ravens. I think that this snow glacier is partially created by wind action, as well. Thanks, Allan. Cheers.

    1. We have been having fantastic weather. The sun is carrying a good bit of power and the exposed snow is starting to melt, but that will take a while as there’s a lot of it. Yes, the entry is safe from unexpected snow dumps! 🙂

      1. We’ve been having huge swings in weather, which isn’t unusual for March here. A couple days of cold with touches of snow, then a couple days of spring-type temps, back and forth. But there’s no denying, spring will arrive soon.

    1. There’s always a lot up there. Somehow the wind sees to it that there’s a huge collection. We have had a lot of sun so it’s melting quickly and may not fall, but I’ll post an update photo later this week. Cheers.

    1. Thank you very much for the warning! There’s nothing under that snow awning, and we have trimmed the overhang above the door, so we’re reasonably safe, I think. Today it’s really melting fast and little pieces are falling off , so yes, I might be a problem if we had a vehicle parked there. Thanks for your comment. Cheers.

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