Some Melt

A bit of melting started happening yesterday as the sun carried some power even though it was still only -15C (5F) outside.

By week’s end we are supposed to go up by about 12° to -3C (27F) or so. That will be nice!

Happy Sunday, and don’t forget to change your clocks. Which reminds me, one of Dalí’s melting clock paintings is probably very appropriate today.

Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dalí


14 thoughts on “Some Melt”

    1. Thank you. It’s an interesting, opposing weather time because you can easily tell that the sun power is shifting over, but in the shade or in the wind, it still feels very wintery. I’m enjoying this though; so great to see and feel that sun!

  1. Even with a high of only -8 here yesterday, the sun had some power. Looking forward to a slow melt…and the end of DST some year, when everybody realizes they are not really saving any daylight. Have a great Sunday Lynette. Allan

    1. DST has outlived its usefulness (and it’s debatable whether that was ever true), but what irritates me most is that a) some premiers are waiting for US governors to announce as if we aren’t capable of making up our own minds or haven’t been dealing with time changes for decades; and b) the almost immutable political position that we need permanent DST. Of course, none of us voters are being asked. 🙄 But, spring is starting to signal, even here in the north; so great. Cheers.

    1. That’s a nice, quiet winter! Once I retire (in 7.5 months, of which, 2 will be spring and summer leave), I will be going home to a much more temperate climate. This is my last far northern winter – yay!

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