18 thoughts on “Star Power”

    1. I like how beautiful these are and the language used to describe them. The word “dendrite” is also applied to the branches of nerve cells and “stellar” means stars or star. Cheers.

    1. These are frost formations (often called Jack Frost). They’re not all that common any more because most windows are now much better insulated; this used to be a lot more common 50 or 60 years ago. It’s caused by one side of the window being colder than the other. Moisture condenses from the cold air on the window surface and then freezes into these star-and-fern shapes. They’re so pretty, but as Allan noted, I’m looking forward to warmer days. Cheers.

  1. Stellar indeed. Lovely, Lynette. I remember frost like this on our windows when I was a kid. Now with our double pane modern gas filled windows we don’t see them much unless it is really cold…like it gets there. 🙂 My car windows offer a better show.

    1. Even here the modern windows hold out well. I never see this kind of frost in a more recent structure. This one was in a much older building. Not a good sign but very pretty nonetheless. Cheers.

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