More Harry Please!

Spare me.

I didn’t think I would write about Harry again, but here I am. It’s like I have indigestion and have to, um, bring him up once more.

I haven’t read his book and won’t. I haven’t watched his and Meghan’s apparently exhaustive documentary and won’t. I haven’t listened to her podcasts and won’t. When, I wonder, will they decide to “won’t?”

The fact that I haven’t watched, read or listened to any of their “truth” should have kept me safe, but nope. I can’t read a paper, look at the tv or log in to Netflix without feeling inundated by them. Everywhere you look, Harry is flogging his book. I already feel like I’ve I read it because it has been so hard to avoid.

Image courtesy of BBC

It seems that Spare can be boiled down to a number of crucial events: Harry and William had a physical fight. All of his relatives dish dirt on him and Meghan to the media. Camilla is a dangerous villain. Kate made Meghan cry (apparently sobbing on the floor). Charles doesn’t love him. He froze his pecker. He did drugs and drank a lot. He killed a lot of people in Afghanistan. William is going bald.

On and on it goes, this somewhat bizarre collection of grievances that for the most part cannot be proven, but here’s my interpretation of all these breathless excerpts: Harry is a very angry, self-righteous, uber-privileged boy-man who is using his supposedly most hated institution, the media, to lob reprisals against and make money off telling stories about his family. His philosophy seems to boil down to this: trash the old life (including all the people in it) in order to finance the new life. And not just any new life; it has to be a moneyed, rarefied life.

Image courtesy of BBC

He says he’s had a lot of therapy, but it apparently hasn’t translated into any sort of empathy for anyone other than, one presumes, Meghan and his children. And his statement that Meghan deserves an apology? For what, exactly? And from whom? From the tabloids? Charles and William? Kate?

To be fair, I agree that Meghan was treated brutally by a UK tabloid press that criticised her no matter what she did or didn’t do, and that at least some of it was rabidly racial. Given that situation, Harry and Meghan made a reasonable decision to walk away and lead a more regular, private life. The problem, though, is that they didn’t. They smear – and keep smearing – themselves everywhere to try to make stacks of money.

I also agree that, while Harry – in common with many, many others – lost a parent under tragic circumstances when he was a child, few others have had to march behind their mother’s coffin in front of millions; a heartbroken child on display in front of the world. Wherever that decision came from, it was callous and cruel, for both Harry and William.

On the other side of what’s leaking out of Harry’s book, I don’t know of any brothers who haven’t had some sort of fight, either physical or verbal or both. However, that his family, and particularly Camilla, is in collusion with the tabloids to dish dirt on him and Meghan just sounds peculiar. I don’t believe that Charles doesn’t love him. According to Harry’s own words, Charles used to leave little notes on Harry’s pillow, encouraging him and expressing his affection. Is that what an uncaring father does? And his pecker? Oy. Frozen or not, do the rest of us need to know that or about his extensive use of drugs and alcohol? And the Oedipal references to putting one of his mother’s favourite creams on his penis? I’m lost for words.

Photo by Andrew Milligan

Additionally, as a combat veteran, I take serious exception to his nonchalant and boastfully airy description of his “kills” as “chess pieces.” Not only is that a safety risk, but it’s just breathtakingly inappropriate. Appalling, really. Harry is a very privileged person who is trying to be some sort of war victim. He’s not. During my time in a combat zone, I saw many victims. Victims of violence, of sexual assault, of murder, and of dispossession of all kinds. Those people are victims, and Harry should know that. In common with other veterans, my advice to him is to shut up. Now.

And that nasty balding that William keeps doing? Well, no words can describe the depths to which Harry will go, apparently, to criticise his brother. Doesn’t Harry’s negative commentary about William’s hair loss sound an awful lot like what happened to Meghan? Her skin colour, her ethnicity, her person, being criticised?

Although Harry claims that he wants to get on with his family, I doubt that anyone in that family will trust him ever again. I certainly wouldn’t. I would be very concerned about having any kind of conversation or connection with him for fear that it might wind up in a book. The irony is that despite Harry’s obsession around invasion of privacy, he has seemingly divulged deeply personal information about his family and himself. He violates his own privacy as well as the privacy of others; he certainly didn’t get their permission and lot of what he has apparently divulged comes across as libellous. Is he any better than the tabloid press that he hates so much?

All families have issues. The British Royal family (which is also the royal family of Canada; I’m not happy with having to have a King Charles, ugh) has the garden-variety issues on top of a whole host of other issues generated by their weird but privileged position. But the idea of flogging those issues in order to finance a rarefied life just sounds greedy and vindictive. Is this Harry’s truth? Maybe. The words “truth,” and “fact” have taken an awful beating lately. The best that can be said is that these are Harry’s interpretations and opinions; the worst is that he and Meghan are running a sort of slow motion faked-reality tv show: trash for cash.

Image courtesy of CNN

I also find it odd that despite all the Royal family bashing, Meghan and Harry run around calling themselves “duke” and “duchess,” and are apparently moaning about not having titles for their children. Huh? Don’t you live in the U.S.? Didn’t the Americans throw all that crap out a long time ago? And anyway, why would they want to keep this silly title stuff bestowed by an organisation that they seemingly don’t like and crossed an ocean to escape? How can they continue to trade on these titles while attempting to belittle the institution that provided them in the first place? Yikes.

Still, I feel kind of sorry for Harry. I think that his “truth” is the only thing he has to sell, and people are getting tried of hearing it. What’s left for this pair then? Images of his great-uncle, a former king who also married an American, left in a decades-long useless limbo, spring to mind. Because once their story, Harry’s story, is told, nothing is left. They both lack the heft of a substantial set of achievements to underpin themselves, and those deals they’ve made with Spotify and Netflix will eventually run out.

If Harry and Meghan had dropped their titles and left the UK to live quietly and privately somewhere else, there would be a lot of support and respect for them, I think. But they really have squandered the goodwill that many people offered them, unfortunately. And on that note, I wish them good luck, because I think they’re going to need it, especially Harry.

18 thoughts on “More Harry Please!”

  1. Seems like good old Harry has gotten under your skin Lynette.
    Personally I do not listen to or follow anything about them or the Royals in general. Other than what the evening news says.
    They’ve made their bed.

    1. Seeing him everywhere is annoying, and especially this idea of selling complaints to make money, so yes, I guess he’s under my skin a bit (or a lot 😉). Like you, I don’t specifically follow them either except for news pieces, but recently he and his book have been hard to avoid. Agreed – they’ve made their bed.

  2. In my mind, Harry and Meghan decided “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Their exploits so far have out-tabloided, the tabloids. Its not safe in Canada (translation….”there is not enough money to be made whilst in this boring country”), Let’s move next to Oprah and start shamelessly promoting our version of Family Feud. I mean, where else can the previously or never famous become famous for something, anything. Keep the family drama in the family and stop bombarding us with trivial shit which many of us have had to face without making money from it. In the U.S., they are now more disliked than Andrew. That looks like a win to me. Happy Sunday Lynette. Lets try not to be “Harry’d” today. Allan

    1. I love your last sentence. From what I understand, their original intention was to be half in and half out as working members of the royal family, and they thought they would need to be in a Commonwealth country in order to monetise their royal status while continuing to be paid as workers in the family “business.”

      Seemed at the time to me like a typical case of wanting their cake and eating it too. Elizabeth basically told them to fish or cut bait. When that happened, and with the pandemic looming, they made the excuse that Canada wasn’t private enough or safe enough. What a crock. Canada not safe or private enough?? Unbelievable. I think their plan all along was to use Canada as a jumping off point to start their financial exploits with Oprah, Netflix, The pandemic and Elizabeth’s decision just pushed them forward. You’re right. Since then we have heard nothing but trivial shit from a couple of people who are actually very ordinary and have nothing of substance to offer. It’s all just gossip, rumours and hearsay. I’m not a big fan of the royal family, but this pair has really betrayed them for money.

  3. So annoying…. “I also find it odd that despite all the Royal family bashing, Meghan and Harry run around calling themselves “duke” and “duchess,” and are apparently moaning about not having titles for their children. Huh?”
    Yep. Quite hypocritical isn’t it.

  4. Thank you! It always feels like the media keeps pushing this, “oh look what they didn’t flush down this time!” crap and honestly, I don’t want to see it, or hear about it. I wish those two would just embrace the privacy they claimed they wanted.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s such trivial pablum and the media can’t help themselves (neither can Harry or Meghan). Yup; as you say, they should embrace the privacy they said they wanted.

  5. I’m right there with you. I couldn’t care less what either Harry or Meghan have to say. I did get a good laugh at your recap though. “Trash for cash” …seems about right.

  6. Bravo for your every word — the Royal Kardashians make the real Kardashians look classy! (never thought I’d put “classy” & “Kardashian” in the same sentence”) The real Kardashians built their brand themselves; use their power to celebrate; are future-oriented; are honest about craving media attention; and are never publicly either self-righteous or self-pitying. The Royal Kardashians had their brand handed to them; use their power to denigrate, insult and attack; are stuck in the past, living off old stories not new activities; demand media attention but pretend to hate it (South Park nailed them!); and are constantly self-righteous and self-pitying. The Royal Ks behave like spoiled 4 year olds. Our only hope is that the media will tire of them, since they have nothing new to say. I’m not a royalist — but, boy, the House of Windsor has my sympathy.

    1. Thank you very much, Penny. You have made an excellent comparison. I agree that the Kardashians are far more honest. They do what they do and they don’t try to be anything else.
      That South Park episode is hilarious and so spot on, and I just watched Chris Rock’s latest where Meghan got skewered again. They need to be skewered; maybe they will get the point and go away, but that might be too much to hope for.
      Penny, I’m not a royalist either and would be happy to see them go, but I totally agree, they have my sympathy. The fact that they started all this whinging when Harry’s grandfather was really ill and then continued it though Elizabeth’s last couple of years speaks volumes.

      1. Their complaints are all so petty,. and their concern is so unswervingly only for themselves. No compassion, no empathy, no sense of shared humanity and the shared imperfection that goes with it — no maturity. Just infantile petulance.

        1. Completely agree. Infantile petulance – I love it! There’s not much there, and people are beginning to see the big empty for themselves, despite the breathless fawning of a lot of the media, although I think that may be dropping off. One of the best bits of the South Park piece is when Harry opens Meghan’s head only to discover it’s completely uninhabited!

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