19 thoughts on “Apples!”

    1. Hi Steve, I think these might be macintosh apples but I’m not completely sure. The Okanagan is the name of a valley in the interior of British Columbia (that’s where my home is but I work in the north where the winter photos come from). Here’s a website; maybe you would like to visit some time. https://www.hellobc.com/places-to-go/okanagan-valley/
      I haven’t been to New England in about 15 years now (I used to visit Connecticut regularly as I had close friends there), but I always liked it very much; so beautiful. Cheers.

    1. I think these are macintosh apples. I really like those although there are so many forgotten varieties that are beginning to make a comeback. There’s a variety in the Okanagan called “mutzos” that are very crisp and sweet-tart, but not very attractive looking. They almost disappeared because it was thought they wouldn’t do well in grocery stores. They’re now returning which is so great.

    1. For sure! But as Anneli commented, “hurry!” There’s something exquisite about biting into a crisp, juicy apple and having that fresh, tart-sweet flavour flow through your system!

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