10 thoughts on “A Change of Scene”

    1. So sorry to hear that you’re stuck with that chore, but on the plus side, you will definitely earn a lovely hot chocolate! This is the lavender garden outside a favourite hotel (it’s 100+ years old) that also contains a very good restaurant. You can stroll the garden or sit outside. It’s lovely and smells wonderful!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Once February arrives our patience starts to run out. Sorry to hear about the shovelling; I saw on the weather radar that Alberta was getting a blast. Stay warm and give your yourself a treat after your arm workout.

    1. This lovely garden is part of the grounds of a lovely late 19th century hotel. Very small with only 15 rooms and a really great restaurant with a verandah. Lots of places to sit outside and have a cool drink. There were a couple of people napping or dozing, for sure. It’s a very pretty spot and a favourite of ours.

      Sorry to hear that your lavender didn’t do well. It does best in full morning sun and some shade in the afternoon or evening. The soil doesn’t need to be rich. Cheers.

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