25 thoughts on “Winter Squirrel”

    1. I’ve seen this guy around but he has to be cautious because of the huge ravens that are flying overhead. While trying to find one of his winter food storage units he had to keep looking over his shoulder, poor little guy!

      1. We’ve got ravens around here, mostly around the Quabbin watershed, but they are not abnormally large. There’s a spot in the Quabbin Park where people have been feeding deer and squirrels for decades. Against the park rules but it was at one time a privately owned orchard before the taking so the Park Rangers overlook feeding in this one spot. Rocky here is quite pleased about that. 🙂

        1. The ravens here in the subarctic are terrorists. They’re huge, very intelligent and will plan and act together in small groups or pairs. They have a sort of rudimentary language too. Bears will run from them when they act in concert. That said, I’ve also seen them be very tender with each other.

  1. These guys are so cute and have been running around here as well. They have pretty good memories of where their food is stored. Happy Wednesday Lynette. Allan

  2. I’ve always read that squirrels forget where they’ve buried most of the items they stow away, but they hide so much that they can get by on what they can re-find. In places where there’s snowcover most of winter, I imagine their recall’s just a bit better as well…

    1. I think they must be because the snow creates a such completely different landscape. Whether it’s quantity or a better memory, they seem to be surviving well, and that includes dodging the huge ravens that are always on the prowl. Cheers.

    1. One commenter pointed out that these squirrels may have better recall; given that the landscape is covered in snow from the end of October to the end of April, I agree that nature may have selected for that. Otherwise, I’m not sure how they would manage!

  3. So cute!! It is pretty remarkable how squirrels are able to find their caches, especially since they create multiples. I guess if one is inaccessible because of the snow, they have others to fall back on.

    1. I’m really not sure how they do it, because right now we must have at least a metre of snow (not including the drifts and snowplough piles). I think they must put some of their food in tree knotholes and other, more accessible spots. Cheers.

    1. This is a North American red squirrel, and oh yes, very cute. We also have northern flying squirrels but I haven’t seen many and also haven’t been quick enough to get a photo as they are so fast. The red squirrels are much more commonly seen. Here, the ravens are gigantic (much larger than magpies) and love to snack on the squirrels. Between the cold, the snow and ravens, I don’t know how they survive!

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