Sunny and Cold

A sunny cold view of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

We are experiencing a very cold spell over the next few days as a result of Arctic outflows. Our high tomorrow is expected to be -34 (-29F) with wind chill around -42C, so we need to be cautious about frostbite and vehicles and aircraft need to be babied. This Arctic outflow is expected to reach into much of North America, so if your temperatures suddenly drop, that’s probably why.

Happy Monday; stay warm.

18 thoughts on “Sunny and Cold”

  1. That’s some serious cold, very serious. I think some is coming across to us in New England for the end of the week. We are due for single digits but nothing like what you are experiencing. Stay warm, Lynette!

    1. Yes, this is quite the cold snap! I’m hoping that it’s the last big one before the temperature starts to move the other way! This outflow is apparently supposed to flow quite southerly, but it will lose its teeth, too. Cheers.

  2. Conversely, Lynette, we’re currently experiencing daily temperatures about 5-7C above our normal for the time of year, so looks like we’re stealing your warmth here in the UK. That Jetstream has been seriously compromised by our pollution me thinks.

    1. It’s normal for the subarctic to have -35 and even -45, but it’s February and we should be headed more towards -15. Those are December and January values, so yes, maybe you are. Our northern winters definitely aren’t following the regular pattern right now and yes, it’s likely related to climate change.

  3. 🥶 Don’t send that stuff this way. I actually enjoy winter, but come mid-February, I’m read for spring now. Where you are, there is a little longer wait. 🥶

    1. I have experienced -45C, but that was in late December and January. Temperatures in the minus 40s is unusual in February, but given the strange weather patterns this year, I suppose it’s sort of “normal.” You’re getting snow and then freezing rain? Yikes. That’s bad, too. Stay warm and dry.

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