19 thoughts on “Pretty Remembrance”

    1. I am retiring at the end of October, just before the first snow starts (you can set your watch by it – there will be a heavy snowfall or storm on Halloween), so I will be heading to the south by then. My M has a post-retirement beach holiday planned, so that will be fantastic! How great that your daffodils are starting. They are always so pretty. Cheers.

      1. I love daffodils, even though they don’t last very long. They’re so cheerful and their early appearance gets everyone excited about spring. A post-retirement beach holiday sounds fantastic!

  1. What a pretty colour for a rose. It’s starting to look and feel like spring here in southern Ontario. We’re finally get some sunny days and warmer weather … which also feels a bit weird since it’s the middle of February.

    1. Yes, so pretty. 🙂 M has been in Penticton for the last three weeks and it’s nice there, too. They’ve been getting 6 or 7 pretty consistently, but that’s usual weather for that area for this time of year. I thought that it would be rather normal for southern Ontario to be warming up now, but I take it that your present weather is unusual?

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