18 thoughts on “Cold Sunrise”

    1. Agreed. I have great winter gear, including a parka, so I walk everywhere (it’s a lot faster than warming up the truck and the cold starts are hard on it), but I make my walks quick and efficient, especially when I’m taking photos!

    1. Thanks, Linda. We do get a lot of sun in the winter, even if it’s extremely cold and the daylight hours are short. But this is my last subarctic winter, and though I’m happy about that, I find myself appreciating the beauties of it a little more carefully.

    1. Haha. 🙂 Yes, a good description of that experience. I call it “lung frost.” You breathe in and then start to sort of choke because the cilia froze. I wear a traditional parka with heavy fur around the hood which cuts out much of that issue (especially with the addition of a scarf). But the frost-encrusted eyelashes can still be a problem!

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