14 thoughts on “Sad Sunflower”

  1. Sunflowers are so interesting. I recall one filed of them we drove by in Saskatchewan once. Thousands of yellow faces looking at us. Good that plants can still provide nourishment for the birds in the winter. Happy Thursday Lynette. Allan

    1. Those prairie sunflower fields are so gorgeous! This one didn’t have any seeds left although there may have been a few hiding under the snow cap. The pickings from these sorts of sources are probably becoming very sparse now. Cheers.

  2. Nice photo. And yes, nature is amazing. I love how nature goes with the flow no matter the conditions (as in your pic), while humans try to force outcomes because we don’t like certain conditions. Going with the flow may be a more difficult road, but it always takes us to the right place. As per usual, I’m going deep. 🙄

    1. No problem, Lori. Going deep is a good thing. 🙂 In the end, nature won’t conform, no matter how much we humans try to bend it. I agree; this is true throughout life. Cheers.

  3. I love seeing the birds pick at the sunflower seeds in the fall. This one looks a bit sad with the snow on it but you can see that many of the seeds are gone and it helped feed some birds last season.

    1. Yes, it definitely looks sad, but it certainly did its job. I haven’t had a yard with sunflowers for a few years now, but I remember well how popular they were with the birds in autumn. Cheers.

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