16 thoughts on “Snow Scenes”

  1. Snow is back here too Lynette after a few days above 0. Spring will come…eventually. At least its sunny. And pretty. Have a great day. Allan

    1. Going out in this kind of cold can be challenging and after seven subarctic winters, I’m done. My home is in a more temperate area of the country where the winters are quite mild, so I’m looking forward to giving up my parkas! Cheers.

  2. Snow!!! Haven’t seen much of that hereabouts in a long time. I just posted a memory on Facebook of a storm from ten years ago when we had two feet. Lately we’ve been lucky to see two inches.

    1. I work in the land of snow; we get that amount on a regular basis. It’s my last subarctic winter though, and I will be going home permanently in October (my home city in British Columbia doesn’t get much snow either). It can really be beautiful but after six winters I’ve had my snow and cold allotment. 😉

  3. Most of our snow will likely finish melting today. We’ve been enjoying warmer weather this week and today we’re supposed to get a bunch of rain. It hasn’t been a good year for winter activities.

    1. Overall it has been warmer everywhere in Canada, I think. Even in the north it has been about 10° warmer than usual and we had a long autumn, too. My, we’re such typical Canucks with our weather talk! 🙂

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