13 thoughts on “January Lake”

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 Definitely. It was actually quite a warm day (above freezing), but the ice around the lake edge takes longer to melt. It’s apparently gone now (I am in the north but my M is in the south right now). Cheers.

  1. The water looks cold, but the skies look warm. Always an interesting composition. +5 here yesterday and it felt like spring in the meadow. All the wildlife came out to play. Happy Saturday Lynette. Allan

    1. It was a warm day with about +5 or so, just not a long enough stretch to melt the lake-edge ice and coming after that cold spell we had during winter break.
      That’s a nice temperature! So great after a cold snap. M is in Penticton and reports that the weather is starting to be springish as well. Some days are edging into double digits. Here it’s a lot colder!

    1. Along the shore the dogs are required to be on leashes (except for the fenced off dog beach section) and I have never seen anyone ignoring the bylaw (although I’m sure it happens). I agree, that could be very dangerous for dogs.

      1. Interesting about the leash laws. We have them here in some areas, but many, many, many people do not follow them. It has jaded me a bit about many (not all) dogwalkers being irresponsible. Still, it’s not the dogs’ fault and I hate to hear that a dog got hurt because of an irresponsible person.

        1. Agreed. When we first moved to Penticton, I noted right away that people followed the leash laws pretty closely (our dear Rudy was still with us then). I’ve seen a few dogs off-leash in parks playing fetch or frisbee, but I don’t think I’ve seen even that much during the high tourist season. Penticton must be policing the leash laws pretty regularly. That said, Penticton also accommodates dogs more than anywhere else I’ve seen in N. America. They are welcome on restaurant patios and in stores; I see them everywhere (on leash, of course), so it’s a very dog friendly community.

    1. I took this photo in early January in Penticton. M is there now and reports that the lake ice is gone as it’s been above freezing for more than a month. Here in NWT, it’s a lot colder and indeed, there’s ice and snow everywhere. Cheers.

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