14 thoughts on “Is It a Glacier?”

  1. Yikes, now that is a snow cornice. Better carry an avalanche beacon when you go out Lynette. It rained all night here last night. Think I’ll stay inside today. Happy Thursday. Allan

    1. I can’t believe how big it gets and the fact that it doesn’t fall down on its own. The sticking power of snow! Our temperature is supposed to nosedive overnight from -12 to -32. Ugh. There’s a big system coming out of the Arctic and I think that your temperatures are supposed to drop as well. Stay dry; stay warm. 🙂

    1. Yes, we do, and it’s usually in the same location every year, too – you have a good memory. It’s interesting that this build-up never occurs over the door, only in that one location over a couple of the windows. That’s the last one of these for me, though. Next year it will be someone else’s responsibility. 🙂

    1. We get one of these (to a lesser or greater degree) every year in the same location on the house. There’s a tool for taking them down but often they just come down on their own. After six far northern winters, I’m still amazed at how firmly attached those slides can be, though (it’s still up there). This one will be my last however, as I’m retiring to our home in the south in October. Cheers.

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