18 thoughts on “Restless Lake”

    1. Definitely not. Actually, this lake sees many sailboats and motor boats; sometimes they are very large and elaborate, so canoes would be edging around the shoreline – much safer for them.

      I don’t think I’ve seen this lake quite so perturbed. There were curled vapour vortices at regular intervals and whitecaps (you can see them in the picture). I would not have wanted to be out there, no matter how good the boat!

    1. Oh boy, you are right about that! I took this picture during the cold snap that descended on Penticton just before winter break. I had never seen the Okanagan Lake that unsettled before. Cheers.

    1. I took this photo during the winter break when a very unusual and unexpected cold snap had really made itself felt. I had never before seen that lake looking so unsettled and cold, so yes, a good time to be warmly dressed! Cheers.

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