Foggy Frosty

We recently drove through some ice fog.

The frost on the truck antenna caused a flag-like effect.

It has a beautiful effect, and seriously coated the leading edge of our truck antenna, but it can also cause slippery driving conditions and poor visibility.

It’s much better to observe its charms from inside.

Happy Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Foggy Frosty”

  1. We get that here, usually at the higher elevations. By the time you get up there, the roads are so winding and slick you may wonder why tou went in the first place. Best to admire it from the porch, where all the good views happen. Stay warm.

    1. Thanks, Kenny. Ice fog is caused by very cold conditions, usually(although this winter’s weather has been weirdly warm). It’s fairly common in the subarctic. Agreed, it can cause brutal driving conditions; it’s best to just admire it from home!

  2. Beautiful photo! Yes, some of the scariest driving I’ve done is in icy fog. It can be slippery. Stay safe and warm 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, ice fog is nasty. The visibility can go to zero and yes, you might be on a skating rink as well. At such times, the hand that’s possibly hiding in your desk might be welcome to join and help out! 😉

  3. Those are treacherous driving conditions. I’ve been through an ice storm one time and hope never to experience it again. Beautiful scene, but very scary conditions for travel.

    1. Yes, ice and ice fog cause extremely nasty driving conditions. We were very cautious and at least the visibility wasn’t too bad. I was very happy to get off the road, though!

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