Summer Koi Pond (with Tree)

I like visiting this public koi pond.

The tree reflection makes it appear as if the koi are swimming in some massive seaweed.
These koi like to swim near the edge of the pool when someone stops to look at them. They’re probably expecting some food. Do you see the dark one in the lower third of the photo?

I have always liked fish-watching. It’s very calming, almost meditative.

Happy Friday.

9 thoughts on “Summer Koi Pond (with Tree)”

  1. We love watching the koi when we visit Japanese gardens in Japan and also in the West. So brightly coloured and always looking for somebody to feed them. Happy Friday Lynette. Allan

    1. A friend in Medicine Hat had a lovely koi pond in her back yard and I always enjoyed a session of watching them when I visited. The fish had been in the pond for about 20 years and had become quite large. A couple of years ago, she had to trim back the tree shading the pond, and she lost all the fish to birds within hours! She saw a crow flying away with a fish flapping in its beak! She hadn’t realised the extent to which the tree was protecting them. (And that’s my fish story. 🙂). Cheers.

    1. Yes, they are. A friend of mine had one as well, but she loves to garden and do yard work. It’s her hobby and passion. I love watching the koi, but I don’t think I would ever want to care for a pond of them.

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