22 thoughts on “End of the Day”

    1. We had a bit of a break when we were in Penticton, so that got us through some of the shortest days. This morning while walking to work there was a bit of a glow in the sky – such a good sign! Cheers.

    1. Isn’t it great? Such a nice precursor to spring. 🙂
      The sunsets in the Northwest Territories are so intense because of our northern geography. The sun’s angle relative to the earth is quite narrow, so the colours are deepened. Beautiful, but boy it can be cold!

    1. We had a nice break from the short days in December when we went much further south to our home, but the long nights can be a bit depressing here. We are at 62.45 N latitude, so yes, you are a lot further south!

    1. The sunsets here are impressive, even when they’re at 2 a.m. Agreed, I sleep more and usually better too, in the winter. The long daylight hours here in spring are pretty great but even with blackout drapes my sleep is lighter, somehow. It’s amazing how the body knows.

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