Tuciiquis South Beach Trail – Pacific Rim National Park

All photos taken on October 11, 2022. From the Kwisitis Wickanninish Beach, we walked around the Visitor Center and onto the Tuciiquis South Beach …

Tuciiquis South Beach Trail – Pacific Rim National Park

This is a terrific post about Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island from Allan’s “Picture This” site. I hope you stop by his blog to see his many, many beautiful photos.

7 thoughts on “Tuciiquis South Beach Trail – Pacific Rim National Park”

  1. what a lot of people do not know is that 5 people died on the beach.
    If you turn 180 degrees from this angle, you’ll be looking westward. There is a roundish hill there and on the other side is a surge channel.
    A tourists group visited South beach back in the nineties during a large Fall windstorm.
    A few of them went out near this surge channel. They got swept into it! Others tried to rescue them but were hit by large waves as well. Five died that day.
    South beach is one of the most violent beaches we have.
    Geologically we call this a “high energy environment”.

    1. Walking this coast in a variety of weather, it is easy to see how that could happen. Visitors must heed the warning signs and have their wits about them at all times. Rather than following the sign advice, many do the opposite and quickly get into trouble. Nature is beautiful, but best appreciated from a safe distance. Allan

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