18 thoughts on “Snowy Woods”

    1. Unfortunately, not too many heat units right now, but this January in the subarctic has been unusually warm (relatively speaking) with temperatures around -10C or so.

    1. The subarctic is a lot warmer than normal this winter, though. It should be much colder than it is at present, but yes, by more southerly standards, it is rather chilly. Cheers.

  1. That’s Canadian. Not much snow here for the past 2 weeks, but plenty of fog and frost. Happy Saturday Lynette. Allan

    1. I just read a startling article saying that NWT has warmed by 2C over the last couple of decades, which if true, is pretty bad. We should have and average of -35C this month, but it has been -5 to -10 or so. So our winter has been weird, too; lots more snow because it has been so much warmer. It seems that unusual winters are everywhere this year.

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