Snow Quackers

I really enjoy watching the ducks and the flock living next to Penticton Creek are quite the characters. They are constantly chatting and interacting, both happily and angrily.

The city keeps them fed and they have lots of sheltering trees and bushes nearby (which they really needed during the unusually cold storm that hit Penticton in December).

Happy Friday; happy weekend.

16 thoughts on “Snow Quackers”

    1. Right? 😉 I think they only feed them in December and January when there’s not much for them to eat. This flock is very popular with tourists and locals alike, even if they do leave a bit of a mess!

  1. That is a lot of ducks. Did they stick around all winter before the city started feeding them? Happy Friday the 13th Lynette. Allan

    1. Yes, and there were quite a few more in the creek, as well. I think the city only feeds them in December and January but I believe they were resident before that. Lots of people bring them food (and they needed it when we had that cold snap) year-round; I saw someone spreading a huge line of pumpkin and sunflower seeds for them during one of my walks.

    1. Penticton had a very unusual cold snap, so they would have been hard up without a little help, but yes, they do like their free food. Lots of passersby feed them, too. Cheers.

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