25 thoughts on “Here’s to a Ducky 2023”

  1. It was ducky yesterday down at Okanagan lake. My wife and I were taking pictures and the ducks decided, one and two at a time, to zoom close by to the side and overhead along the beach. It felt like being strafed!

  2. Poor shivering ducks! I hope you fare better than they do when you go back up north, Lynette. It’s countdown time though, so I’m sure you’ll have a happy new year.

    1. I really felt sorry for them last week when it was so cold. They were huddled together in a tight knot out of the wind but their creek was totally frozen over. The city feeds them well though, so at least they’re getting lots of calories. Yes, it’s countdown time! I’m very happy about that. Cheers.

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