Ice Unsafe

There is some ice along the edges of Skaha Lake. In the shallow parts right next to the beach, the water is frozen all the way to the bottom, but about 10 metres (approximately 30 ft) further out, it’s a different story as I could see the ice undulating with the water’s movement.

The city has put up a sign reminding people that the ice is unsafe, but humans being humans, further down the beach I saw three people at least five metres away from the shore, walking on the unstable ice. Had they fallen in, they were too far away for quick help – someone else would have had to creep or crawl on the weak ice to get to them – and would likely have rapidly developed hypothermia.

Sometimes, safety isn’t only about yourself; it’s about others, too.

Happy Friday.

13 thoughts on “Ice Unsafe”

  1. People see the adventure without seeing their own downfall. Many get away with it, but some will not. Good to see the better weather. We got sunshine yesterday and that brightens the mood. Happy Friday Lynette. Allan

    1. Agreed, Allan, but what was really surprising was the age of these people; they are probably in their 70s or thereabouts! Maturity isn’t a universal salve for poor judgment, it seems. 😉
      We are hovering around the 0-3° mark with rain and wet snow. This morning we awoke to a winter wonderland – excellent snowman snow! It won’t last though as we are supposed to get 5° or so today with sunny periods. Nice that you got some sun! Cheers.

    1. The biggest surprise about this was the age of the people – we guessed them at early 70s! The younger ones with them (ranging in age from 20s – 40s, we thought) stayed on the shore. Is this some kind of geezer rite of passage? It’s funny but also not!

    1. I agree; the views are terrific and going 5m out on the ice wouldn’t change the perspective very much. It was a bit heart stopping to watch them out there; we estimated that they were in their 70s. There were much younger people with them who stayed on the shore.

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