14 thoughts on “Skaha Lake Sunset”

  1. Serene photo. Are you having the mild weather we’re now having? So nice of you to take care of your friend’s dog. Wish we had someone like you for our guy. Best to you in 2023.

    1. Thank you, Lori. Yes, we have had several days in a row well above freezing, but right now we are hovering at 0°, +1, +2 (32-36F) with rain and very wet snow – real snowman snow! Much, much warmer than it was, though, thankfully.

      We have looked after Nanuqq several times. She’s such a lovely dog and we miss having one (our last guy passed away 7 years ago now, but with all the travelling we have been doing we couldn’t see having another one on a permanent basis). We’re enjoying her immensely.

      Happy New Year, Lori. Good health and a good year. 🎉

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