Melting Time

The superstorm that swept across much of North America has departed the Okanagan Valley and there’s lots of melting left behind it.

After days of overcast, snow, high winds, chill factors and freezing temperatures, it has been nice to see a bit of sun and calm, warmer weather. It was raining today but well above freezing, so I’ll take that any time. You never have to shovel rain out your driveway!

Happy Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Melting Time”

  1. Lucky you. We got snow here yesterday and a bit of freezing rain, so Yay? Hoping sun is on the way, as grey is getting tiring. Happy Wednesday Lynette. Allan

    1. Thanks, Allan. We’re supposed to get more rain today, but at +6 I’m not concerned with ice – at the moment at least. I hope you get some sun soon; it seems you haven’t had much of a break from snow.

    1. That’s a picture of the lake, so its sloppy condition doesn’t have much effect. The ducks and geese are crowded into a nearby creek that has some open water, so they would probably like to see a quicker lake melt. 🙂 Actually, the snow on the sides of the streets and walkways where it was piled up is mostly gone. Agreed – snow is very pretty right up until it’s not!

  2. We have only a little bit of snow left (after the deluge of rain we had for a couple of days), but that bit of snow is quite dirty looking – plowed mini-mountain ranges of it. I’m ready for spring, but of course that won’t be happening for a long while.

    1. It will happen relatively soon, though. The worst is probably over. In NWT, we may have snow until May, and certainly until late April. At least you’re getting rain, which is much better. I’m ready for spring too. Cheers.

  3. Nice to see your sunshine. Happy you are safe and warm. We got rain and more on the horizon which is very good news and lots of snow pack in the mountains.

    1. Thank you very much, Cindy. We had 6°C today (43F), so it has been a lot nicer. Glad to hear that this huge storm provided some much needed moisture; that’s great. Cheers.

    1. So much better right now! The slushy snow isn’t very nice, but we really don’t have much left now. I’m enjoying it as I will be back in the land of the Really Big Snow in 10 days.

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