Doggie Fun

We have been looking after a friend’s dog over the break, and the weather has finally been nice enough (no wind gusts to 70 km or frostbite warnings) to take her to the dog beach.

Our temperatures here in Penticton are now well above 0°C (32F) and the snow we received is sloppy and in many spots, completely gone. As a northern girl, she found a snow patch and a stick and was a happy pooch.

Meanwhile, the humans had a nice view down the lake, including a bit of sun.

Happy Tuesday.

14 thoughts on “Doggie Fun”

    1. Thank you, Allan. That wind was everywhere and coming right out of Siberia! So glad it has blown itself out. Our high yesterday was +5 and predicted for today as well. This morning we have rain, so that will make for slippery roads a bit higher up. Happy that I don’t have to go anywhere!

  1. Glad to hear that the weather has warmed up enough to brave the outdoors. I’m sure the dog was really happy to frolic around in the snow. Love the views of the icy lake.

    1. That ice stretches out about 500m into the lake and then it’s open water. The ice isn’t solid but moving with the wave action of the water, so it’s not safe to walk on it. Nanuuq (the dog) absolutely loves snow, and especially when it’s soft like that. It was great that we could let her play for an extended time at the dog beach. Cheers.

      1. But that’s okay. It’s good that it isn’t full of tourists just now. It may not be perfect for sunning and swimming, but it’s beautiful in a natural way.

        1. This particular beach stretch is reserved as an off-leash/swimming area for dogs, so it gets cleaned up but nothing like the public beaches (those are very carefully cleaned and groomed). As you point out, this one is much more natural but it’s also in need of a little care – some people haven’t cleaned up after their dogs, for instance.

      1. Interesting! Rusty, his dog, is not full husky, either. He is mixed with either Akita or Shiba Inu. He is far too short & squatty to be 100% Siberian. He is not exactly aerodynamic. He is pretty, though…red coloring.

        1. Nanuuq (that’s her name in Innu) is very tall with long, long legs and back. She looks completely like a German Shepherd except for her face which is very Husky-like. Most northern dogs here in Canada aren’t a particular breed; they’re just dogs. Nanuqq is a bit of an exception in that we can see her origins pretty clearly, but there may be lots of variation in her genetic make-up that’s not visible though. Cheers.

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