Winter Vines

The vines are sleeping, and a good thing, too, because it has been unusually cold here …

… so I’m looking forward to their rebirth, no question!

But before that happens, I want to take this opportunity to extend Season’s Greetings to everyone. Have a lovely couple of days. 🎄

18 thoughts on “Winter Vines”

  1. It’s cold in Penticton, and that’s good news if you are a ice wine producer. For the rest of us, it means icy roads and walking in the event centre. I am glad we are past the hump now (solstice) and I am ready to start seeing longer days, and warmer one. Happy holidays!

    1. Oh yes, for sure! I work in the subarctic so winter isn’t quite as hard for me to deal with, but I was hoping for a bit of nicer weather here in Penticton. At least it’s getting warmer and yes, we’re past the hump. Longer days will be so nice. 🙂 Season’s Greetings to you, good health and happiness (and stay warm). 🎄

  2. It’s unusually cold here, too. We have been in the teens for a couple of days. Unusual for this area. We get this cold in Jan. & Feb…not Dec.

    Merry Christmas, Lynette. 🎄🎉🎁🎀

    1. This storm with its cold temperatures certainly made itself known by spreading itself far and wide! We are much warmer now, though.

      Season’s Greetings and good health and happiness to you and yours. 🎄

  3. The snowy scenery looks beautiful. It’s been unusually cold here too, but it’s supposed to warm up over the next few days. Hope you had a happy Christmas yesterday. Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Cheers. Linda

    1. It’s much warmer now. We’re at +4 and everything is melting; we’re supposed to get rain over the next couple of days. Glad to hear that you’re coming out of your storm issues as well; Ontario got walloped pretty hard too, I understand. We had a nice day yesterday; I hope you did, too. Thanks, Linda. Cheers.

      1. Fingers crossed there’s no major flooding. It’s supposed to start warming up here tomorrow and the forecast is calling for a bunch of rain closer to the weekend. Some areas in southern Ontario got hit pretty hard, especially around the Great Lakes. Many roads were closed and some people even lost power. My brother-in-law lives near Lake Huron and sent us a picture of his car buried under a snow drift. Thankfully we didn’t get it that bad.

        1. Yes, flooding is a concern on the coast as the burned trees from the forest fires don’t hold the moisture and mudslides can occur. We didn’t get the amount of snow that you did (it was a lot for here but only about 7 or 8 cm) but I was looking at photos from around the Great Lakes and the snow dumps are brutal! And it’s heavy and wet, too. Yes, given how much there is, flooding could be a problem. Ugh.

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