When the Weather Outside Is Frightful …

… there’s lots of stuff inside that’s delightful!

Hot chocolate, maybe with some liqueur?
Warm croissants?
Some Okanagan Sangiovese, rich and luscious?

Whatever makes you feel cosy and comforted, now is the time to indulge! Here’s Michael Bublé singing that famous song: https://youtu.be/Mk6ZzzWWJ1A

Happy Tuesday.

18 thoughts on “When the Weather Outside Is Frightful …”

  1. Now, that is so much better than driving down snowy, icy highways. The reward at the destination. Happy Tuesday Lynette. Allan

  2. We’re going to have frightful weather coming soon. Thursday the storm arrives – we’re supposed to get a LOT of snow, and when it stops on Friday afternoon, temps are supposed to take a huge dive. Ack! Knew we couldn’t have a mild winter forever. 😕
    Getting the fireplace ready.
    Stay warm with those wonderful goodies indoors.

    1. Yes, this particular system is a huge one coming out of the Arctic and spreading over much of North America. It’s bringing rather cold temperatures, too. Here in British Columbia we also have another one that’s come from the Pacific, so to some extent we’re getting a mix of both. Right now we have snow falling in the valley, a somewhat unusual phenomenon.
      Yes, get all of your cosies ready. I hope you’re able to hunker down with a good fire and a good book. 🙂

  3. It’s too bad when we have to go outside when it’s frightful though! I’ve been hearing on the news about the snowstorm and extreme cold temperatures across BC. We’re in for some wild weather on Thursday and Friday with a mix of rain and snow.

    1. It certainly is. We were so happy to be finished with our drive through the bad weather, but even more thankful after it got worse following our arrival. BC is getting whacked at the moment with two systems, one from the Arctic (that one is affecting a lot of Canada) and another one from the Pacific. Penticton has gotten fair bit of snow and cold and people here just aren’t used to it or equipped to deal with it (few snow plows or sanding trucks). Vancouver has been worse and the airports out here have been in a total mess. We’re supposed to be above 0 by the end of the week, though. Looking forward to that!

      It looks like you are going to have a white Christmas for sure. I hope you won’t have to go out shopping on Thursday and Friday. The stores here have been nuts and combined with the poor driving conditions it has become a bit chaotic.

      1. No kidding! Glad to hear that you safely made it to Penticton before the snow got even worse. Hopefully you don’t have to leave the house anytime soon! And hey, at least it’ll look really pretty for Christmas! I’m looking forward to our snowstorm. Our fridge is fully stocked for the holidays and we’ve finished buying and wrapping all our gifts. We’re supposed to go to my mom’s on Friday for our larger family Christmas gathering, but we’ll see what the roads are like. Thankfully she lives right around the corner.

        1. Have a safe trip to your mom’s, Linda. Glad to hear that you’re all prepared and don’t have to try to brave the roads and the crowds. I hope you have a good family visit. Season’s Greetings! 🎄

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