Coming through the Weather

The cold front sweeping south from the Arctic caught up with us last night while we overnighted in Kamloops. We had managed to get ahead of it but I guess this front was going to have its way, regardless.

Two hours outside of Penticton, we were still dealing with snow and blowing snow, but at least it was a good 10°C warmer than our departure point was at -22C (-8F) and most of the snow was falling at the higher elevations.

We decided not to take the Okanagan Connector (Coquihalla; aka Highway from Hell) as it’s at an elevation of 1717 metres (5633 ft) and was predicted to get a heavy snowfall and high winds. We took the long way around; the visibility was okay.

We’re also supposed to get a storm from the Pacific as well; yay. A nice stormy squeeze! The good news is that it’s all supposed to be over and cleared up in the next couple of days.

It was nice to get home and get out of the weather! Happy Monday.

11 thoughts on “Coming through the Weather”

  1. I’d want to avoid any road with the nickname of the Highway from Hell too, especially when the weather is terrible. Good call on taking the long way around. It sounds treacherous out there.

    1. I’ve only ever watched a few bits of that show, but the little I’ve seen tells me that trying the Coquihalla when it’s blowing and snowing isn’t advisable! There are big gates for closing that highway but it has to get really bad (I’m not sure what that means – I thought yesterday would have been enough!) before that happens. We were much more comfortable going around. A bit longer but at a much lower elevation, too.

  2. Not anywhere you want to be driving in that kind of weather. The Coquihalla and the connector are scary in most weather conditions. I know them both well from our trips to the coast. Glad you are home safe Lynette. Enjoy your Christmas break. Allan

    1. The section between Merritt and Hope was closed yesterday, but not between Merritt and the Okanagan, which I found strange as the visibility and icing conditions were bad. Agreed – that highway can be very scary, and I can do without that much excitement these days!

  3. Glad you made it home safely. I’m surprised high elevation roads are open in dangerous weather.
    We got our first sprinkling on Friday and over the weekend. Just enough to cover the grass. But now I’m hearing we’re supposed to get a bad snow storm on Thursday and Friday. I prefer the sprinkles. 😒

    1. Thank you very much, Lori. This highway has big gates that can really close it off and I was surprised that the one portion we use wasn’t. The other end of it that goes to Vancouver was. I guess the highways dept didn’t think the weather was bad enough but I’m glad we went around.
      I agree – sprinkles are definitely preferred! It seems like you will be getting a white pre-Christmas; you can cosy up with movies and hot chocolate!

    1. Thank you, Anneli. Apparently all of Canada will be white within the next week. I’m doing exactly that. I’m sitting next to the fire, have some tunes on and am sipping some Cinzano. I might even take a nap. 🙂

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