The beginning of yesterday’s drive through northwestern Alberta and into British Columbia was a bit challenging with icy roads and blowing snow, but by 3:00 p.m. the sun had become visible and much of the snowfall had stopped.

Do you see the aura, or sundog, toward the left of the sun? Sundogs are caused by light reflection on ice particles in the air; on the prairies this lovely effect is observable because of the beautiful, open skies.

Happy Sunday.

20 thoughts on “Sundog”

  1. I was worried about you based on yesterday’s lousy weather. Glad all is going well and hope you are now safely home. Sun dogs have been very common this year. Allan

    1. Thank you very much, Allan. Yesterday was very long as we drove from High Level to Kamloops. The driving conditions through to Peace River were difficult and we had a bit more through the park. We spent last night in Kamloops and will leave for Penticton later today.
      The sun dog was beautiful to see, especially after the demanding earlier environment.

  2. Seems like you arrived at your destination safely. Hope you have a good traveling vehicle. When I drove in that unexpected snow (10 days ago), my car didn’t do too great.
    And yes, I did see the Sundog. Very cool.

    1. We have arrived, thankfully. It was definitely more tiring than usual with the demanding conditions. We do have a good vehicle – a big truck with all the subarctic necessaries like tow ropes, extra wipers, etc. In a pinch we could easily sleep in it.
      Glad you could see the sundog. 🙂

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